Final Design Commit: Triceratops Two

This is the beast I'll be building as the weather in Melbourne begins to improve with the impending spring, the Triceratops Two. For now, T-One is DOA because I think there will be less tweaking involved to get the tracking aligned on T-Two and the cornering will be as tight as a road bike under Cadel Evans' captaincy. The preliminary OpenSCAD code for the design resides on my GitHub.


  1. Worth noting that I have greatly simplified the steering head. The outer pedal spar now comes directly out of the bottom of the front of the head tube and curves up. The seat spar comes up from the rear triangle (scavenged from an old Mongoose dual suspension MTB) and into the top-back of the steerer head. None of that "stump jumper" triangulation. It's wasted weight and too complex a build.


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