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The Merger Is Complete

I've now completed migrating my Clunkerbike posts over to and will now let this blog fold. My bicycle stuff is very design and mullet hack oriented, so I'll still be posting bike and trike things. While I wait for the weather to improve, so that I can get outside and practice a bit of welding for the trike, I've been working like I'm full-time on bike related designs, as well as music designs and projects, along with other artistic musings. (A wooden trike may be built in the not too distant future, as a test for a CNC router I'm planning to build.) The site is probably more intriguing - unless you're a bicycle purist to the level of ignoring all other facets of life. So the original Clunkerbike, this place, is an archive. No new content will be added here, the domain will lapse, but the posts will remain up on but noting new will be found here. From now on, if you want to keep reading my stuff, come over to S